The Artist

Following her career as a growing artist, Angelique Wyskoarko has maintained her ability to accommodate growing trends in digital multimedia. Her intensity for capturing emotion and her eye for color resonates deeply in all her work. This is truly an artist that breaks the rules in order to create her own. The diversity of her work is a refreshing experience that many other artists lack. She proves to master an eclectic range of styles and never fails to successfully deliver one work greater than the last. Ranging from sewn soft forms and carpentry to the album covers of popular music groups, she is able to translate the essence of an idea from various materials.
Attending the University of Southern California's cel animation program in 2000, she learned how to produce animations the original way our favorite cartoon characters were brought to life. Two years later she began her studies at Seattle University where she earned a Bachelor's degree of Fine Arts.

Wyskoarko spent a year studying abroad in Barcelona at the University of Pompeu Fabra and the Elisava School of Design from 2004 to 2005. While in Spain, she took part in several exhibition opportunities throughout Barcelona Fashion Week showcasing her original creations. During Fashion Week she designed promotional materials for the band Chicks on Speed and their exhibition, "Ninety-Nine Cents Project/Tentaclism" at MODAFAD.                                                               

Angelique has worked with some of the most notable design and production companies in New York including Zomba/Jive, and Triggerhappy LLC., as well as Dark Productionz in Seattle Washington. While at Zomba/Jive she created album art and point of purchase designs such as 311's album "Don't Tread On Me", Ciara's "Thug Style" single, and others. At Triggerhappy LLC. Wyskoarko worked under the supervision of Tanya Spicer as production assistant, taking part in the filming of music videos by hip-hop artists Freeway and Hurricane Chris.  —Scott Forsberg